Deirdre Doyle, Real Estate Agent in Milan

Deirdre Doyle - Real Estate Agent Milan, ItalyDeirdre Doyle is the managing director and owner of Property International, a
real estate agency in Milan. Property International offers a variety of services that includes renting, selling and management of residential and commercial property.

Originally from Ireland and her father who was a doctor, moved her family to Tanzania when she was only seven years old. She grew up pretty quickly due to the challenging circumstances the family faced in those days: only basic necessities were available and no entertainment except for books and the sea; parks and reserves were second nature to her. She grew up savvy for Africa but completely unprepared for European life of boarding schools and universities.

Her education was in Dublin and she had to travel back and forth frequently gradually getting accustomed to “civilization”. Moving was second nature to her and she was always fascinated by buildings and decided to dedicate her professional life to bricks and mortar. Her next stop was Milan, Italy where she has lived ever since.

She has been an active part of the expatriate community and member of European chambers of commerce and international associations for many years.

Deirdre has her Italian Real Estate license since 1982. Her specialization is serving expats, whose needs she understands firsthand. She and her international staff offer professional personalized service tailored to clients moving to Milan from all over the world. All aspects are coordinated: locating the perfect home, overseeing a seamless handover from owner to tenant, assisting with details after move-in and with closing the contract at the end of the term. Renting an apartment in Milan is made as painless as possible.

Deirdre loves this profession because she feels that behind every wall, there is a story of people and lives. Property International’s owners include famous politicians, actors, nobility and just plain Mr. Smith but they are all treated with the same confidentiality and respect. Among the clients renting an apartment in Milan are multinationals, banks, consulates and also families and young people with more modest requests. The staff of Property International always do our best to advise and deliver and are proud of our transparency and sincerity which is always appreciated.

You can connect with her at her website

Benjamin Radomski – Italian Market Business Consulting

Ben Radomski, Business Consultant for the Italian MarketBenjamin Radomski is a marketing & communications entrepreneur and the founder of Business e via Italy – or more succinctly, BEV – which guides clients from around the world through the complex process of entering the Italian business arena – via start-ups, targeting businesses for sale, and aligning with foreign investors and international trading partners.

BEV offers ‘one stop shopping’ for the relocation process, providing a single reference point for the variety of professionals needed.

Born in Malmö, Sweden, he grew up in Stockholm before moving to London to attend university.

He holds a Master of Arts in Marketing and Communications from the University of Westminster, and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of the Arts, London.

His career started at a PR agency in Covent Garden where he honed his skills working with international clients. He later took an in-house role as Corporate Communications Manager for a London technology company.

Benjamin has also co-founded the operations management consultancy Wilbe in Milan, which he continues to operate alongside BEV.

He is an active runner, competing in several marathons, including New York, Stockholm and London. He currently divides his time between Milan and London with his Milanese wife and their two young daughters.

Read more about Benjamin and find his contact information at

Paul Evarrs, English Teacher & Translator

Paul Evarrs - English Teacher MilanPaul Evarrs is an English teacher and translator living in the suburbs of Milan. He teaches working professionals “in azienda” as well as private students at his home based studio. Students ranging in age from 8 to 80 years old have studied English with him. Depending on the type of client and their needs, the lesson plan is structured to meet specific requirements. “In azienda” clients usually request business English but also general conversational skills for social situations with their customers. Private students look to improve their English for traveling or to improve at school.

Paul taught history and consumer education at the high school level in the Chicago suburbs for 5 years, having a degree in both history and finance. Previous to this experience he worked at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for 9 years, dealing in S&P 500 futures as a pit trader. There he also developed a background in charting and technical analysis, managing a small charting service.

An American born in Minneapolis, with a 4 year stop in St. Louis, he then settled in the Chicago suburbs at the age of 14. He attended the University of Wyoming and graduated from Northern Illinois University, where he degreed in Finance with a minor in Economics. After 9 years working on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, he returned to Northern Illinois University, obtained a degree in History, certified for teaching and promptly began as a teacher at the high school level. In Milan he studied for the CELTA certification and transitioned into the teaching of English.

He and his Italian wife Gabriella are currently expanding their business in escorted travel to both Italians who want to learn while exploring the US, as well as Americans interested in an insiders’ adventure in Italy.

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Kristina Tool – Design Strategist in Milan

Kristina ToolKristina Tool is a design strategist. She helps businesses and professionals to innovate processes, services and connections by means of a Client Experience Audit. Using this unique user-centered approach, she uncovers the “pain-points” that clients – or potential clients – might suffer during interactions.

She applies design principles – using visuals, mapping, and prototyping. In her interactive process, she helps organizations gain insights on their customers’ values and then helps them to develop an action plan to benefit from this new understanding.

Kristina has taught design and worked on design projects in the USA, Europe and in the Middle East. She collaborates with cross disciplinary teams to help non-profits and businesses reach their goals through innovating their approach.

An American born in New York, Kristina grew up in New Jersey. Before arriving in Milan, she lived in Breckenridge, Colorado for many years. After graduating from college, she was not quite ready to enter the world of high heels and skirts so she started her professional life as a ski instructor.
Eventually she tired of having to find a summer job every year and put her art degree to practical use as an interior designer working on resort development projects in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

She earned her BA (art and psychology) from Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont and has studied also at University College, University of London and Rhode Island School of Design. She earned her Master’s in Design from Domus Academy, Milan, Italy where she currently resides.

Find Kristina’s contact details and more info about her at

Karen Rigatti, Professional Counselor in Milan

Karen RigattiKaren Rigatti is a Certified Professional Counselor here in Milan, working with both individuals and couples. She specializes in helping clients navigate challenging periods in their lives, whether professional or personal. Her areas of expertise include cross-cultural relationship issues, work-related conflicts and life transitions such as marriage and new parenthood.

Being the mother of two young girls and having an inter-cultural family herself, she has a special focus on the unique challenges that new mothers face in a foreign country, ranging from interpersonal dynamics between the couple to parenting issues and beyond.

An American originally from Arlington, Virginia, Karen graduated with a degree in Psychology from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She transferred to San Francisco and then London, before moving to Milan in 2008 where she makes her home with her two daughters who were born here.

Prior to opening her counseling practice, she served as Director of Behavioral Health at Northern Virginia Doctor’s Hospital and led the European Recruiting team at the London office of international law firm Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe

Karen is an accredited member of both the American Counseling Association and AssoCounseling in Italy, holding a Master’s degree in Counseling from the Centro Berne in Milan.

You can read more about Karen and find her contact information at

Interview with Daniel Shillito, Financial Advisor

Daniel ShillitoDaniel Shillito Is a personal financial planner providing assistance for professionals and business owners. His particular area of expertise is advice for expats and clients moving between various countries or those retiring or investing abroad.

His personal experience of living as an expatriate gives him an inside perspective on the challenges of financial planning across borders.  He is uniquely suited to help navigate the complexity of investing, planning for retirement and effective tax structuring within the Italian financial environment.

As an independent professional, his advice is not linked or tied to any one financial institution or product provider.

Daniel is a qualified and experienced Financial Adviser, CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and mortgage broker.

Originally from Sydney, Australia, he has worked in the US as well as in Switzerland and London and is now based here in Milan where he lives with his Italian wife and their 2 children.

He can be reached on his Italian mobile number 345 5678 414, or via email at  Read more about Daniel Shillito here.

Business Networking in Milan

While growing your visibility online is key to building business and attracting new clients, it’s important to remember that networking in person is vital as well. Connecting in person is the most direct and memorable way to make an impression, whether on a potential client or referral. But just showing up with a pocketful of business cards with the intention of exchanging them for others’ cards is not the best mindset. Taking the time to plan your strategy in advance will increase your success. You might consider:

  • asking the organizers if there will be a list of participants available. While it may not be possible to see it in advance, it’s worth your while to arrive at the event a bit early if you’ll be able to peruse the list there. That way you can seek out the people who you’d like to meet.
  •  volunteering to help with the registration desk – this is an excellent way to meet many people quickly. When welcoming attendees, you can shake their hand and state your name – you’ve now got an opening to approach them later to start a conversation.

Looking for events with English speakers in the Milan area? Here are some groups that organize events that don’t require a paid membership to attend:

American Business Group Milan organizes a monthly networking lunch with a brief (usually 10 minute) presentation by someone of interest to the English-speaking community. Get there early to take advantage of the half-hour cocktail before taking your seat for the meal. First-timers are given the opportunity to briefly introduce themselves to the group. Varied nationalities, all English-speaking attendees.

American Chamber of Commerce holds networking cocktails a few times a year. The attendees tend to be mostly Italian, some more fluent in English than others. Usually sponsored – and therefore free.

Professional Women’s Association of Milan (PWA Milan) organizes events that are usually open to women only, although they have a couple of events per year open to men as well.  A good mix of nationalities and nearly all English-speakers. Their Networking Aperitivi usually include an exercise that encourages interaction among participants, especially helpful for those who don’t already know others there.